Grandma not Gaga for Gaga

Picture 2

This is a direct transcription of Cutie's response to watching Lady Gaga's latest video, "Alejandro."

You want me to review this? Throw it away and start shooting all over again. It had no continuation, it had no charm, it had no storyline. It's just a bunch of stuff, mostly cuts from the 1930s. I think it's nothing new, it's nothing charming. It's got no message. I'm sorry, I did not enjoy this. It was a take off of flappers. But flappers were more consistent and more fun. This was not fun. I think she doesn't come across with reaching the public emotionally. She's just -- there.

[Cutie, did you find the imagery shocking?] Shocked? I'm annoyed. She was a waste of my time. I'm sorry, maybe the whole world thinks she's great, and people who know talent will recognize what she has got to offer. She isn't doing anything new. It's the same thing that we have seen, only take offs.

[Cutie, do you have some constructive criticism for Lady Gaga?] Sure. Lady Gaga, get yourself a good agent and go to school and get some talent! What? I think that's constructive criticism!

[UPDATE: Later, Cutie hopes she hasn't hurt Lady Gaga's feelings, and sends her a personal message, which you can see at ]