Cutie Reviews Beard Papa in Little Tokyo

Cutie enjoys a Beard Papa cream puff

It's not easy to find a classic French cream puff. The American version is often too sweet and needlessly complicated. Here's what goes in a cream puff: unsweetened choux pastry, a rich cream filling, and a dash of powdered sugar. That's it! It was good enough for Catherine de Medici and it should be good enough for you.

My grandchildren introduced me to this Japanese chain with a funny name, and wanted to know if their cream puffs tasted like France to me. Since the closest store is only five minutes from my apartment, in Little Tokyo, I'd say they're better than France. Plus it's the perfect treat for your grandchildren after they play Dance Dance Revolution at the arcade upstairs, and I get hungry just watching.

What a delicious cream puff. What more is there to say? It is just as it should be, with no funny business. Apparently they do offer other novelty flavors to suit American tastes, but the classic, original cream puff is always on the menu, and it's what I'll order.

I liked the shop. This place is understated and clean. I thought there should be more people standing in line. As we waited for our order, I noticed the unusual logo, a cartoon of a little old man with a big beard. He doesn't make me think of a cream puff, but I don't need a picture to like a cream puff.

You will need plenty of napkins. You might say "I only want half" but if you're like me you will power through. If you bring your family, definitely get a box, it is a better deal.

People who want to satisfy their sweet tooth come here. Families with their chilren. Young men and their girls. Boys and girls who have a dollar in their pocket. If you are younger than me, you can have two.

Beard Papa's
Little Tokyo Shopping Center
333 S Alameda St
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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