Grandma’s Style Secrets

Many visitors to the OGs’ blog have remarked upon our grandmother’s distinctive personal style. From the double-stacked eyeglasses on top of her head to carefully selected leopard-print accessories, Barbara always manages to bring a little dash of cool to the nonagenarian set. Of course there are times when she’s a little too outrageous (like the time she was sent back to her apartment from the Hollenbeck Palms dining hall because her pants were too tight), but when you’re a trendsetter, you can expect to be misunderstood. In this short interview recorded at Clifton’s Cafeteria, Barbara shares her philosophy of personal style, recalls some favorite fashion hits and misses, and explains how you too can have a look that’s as timeless and distinctive as hers is.

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The OGs Take A Black Dahlia Bus Tour

Barbara and Harry recently climbed aboard Esotouric’s Real Black Dahlia tour bus to learn about Beth Short, the victim in L.A.’s most notorious unsolved murder case, 62 years to the week after her slaying. Our intrepid grandchild reporters were on the scene to get the skinny on the OGs’ thoughts on taxi dance girls and Follies dancers, and for an intergenerational cutlery trick competition at Clifton’s Cafeteria. Will young Kayla’s spoon shenanigans outshine PopPop’s old school methods? Tune in to find out!

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Fantasy New Years Party

Do you remember being a little kid and trying so hard to stay awake until midnight to see in the New Year? Well, when you are 90-something years old, you’ll have that problem again. At Hollenbeck Palms, where the OGs live, one solution is to set the clocks wayyyyy back and throw a Fantasy New Years Eve Party, right after the mid-day meal. Come along with PopPop as he follows the festive sounds to find a New Years Eve party like none you have ever seen.

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