Ask Grandma Anything: Are We Too Young?

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Dear Cutie,

I am a 18 and have been in a relationship going on 5yrs now with my boyfriend who is three years older than I am. I am happy and very much in love with him.

The only problem that we seems to get a lot of the time is that we are to young for our love to be as serious as it is. But the way that I look at the situation is that there are two people in love who think it is possible to grow together.

I am about to go to college and he has just begun his career in the military, but I feel as if it is possible despite what other may perceive.

I guess my question is that is it really that ridiculous to want to be in a long term relationship even if we are young? What advice would you give to a young couple?

Just Wanna Believe

Dear Just Wanna Believe, 

Of course it is not ridiculous to want to form a long term relationship as a young person. You sound like a very serious young lady and there is nothing wrong with the dream you have.

However it is not your youth that is going to make this relationship a challenge, but the fact that he will be so far away. Long distance relationships are simply difficult to maintain, and if you find that you are not able to keep yours alive, you should not blame yourself or stop looking for the love you seek in your life. 

You are both just getting started in your lives. And this is a chance for both of you to be independent and figure out what you are all about. You should cherish this opportunity. It is a wonderful time in your lives.

In a few years you may marry your boyfriend or you may both find that while you love each other you have grown apart. Neither one is the right answer unless it is the right answer for you. Be patient and know that I am wishing you all the best. 

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Ask Grandma Anything: How to Make a Marriage Work

Dear Cutie,

I have been married for 24 years and I am still working on it. How do you do it? Stay happy?

Trying Hard

Dear Trying Hard,

My best advice is living one day at a time and remembering all the little things that make you happy to be with your partner.

Relationships evolve. What was needed to make a happy marriage when we were newlyweds are not the same things that we look for twenty and thirty years into the relationship.

In a marriage, both partners continue to grow. The best thing you can offer is your unconditional support and acceptance, wrapped in love for the person who shares your life.

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Ask Grandma Anything: Attracting Trouble

Dear Cutie,

What is your advice for a 37-year-old single woman who keeps pining for the guys that don’t pursue her, yet who attracts the ones that must be avoided (immature, controlling, selfish, lazy), and who has pretty much given up on the notion she will meet a guy that’s right for her?

Attracting Trouble

Dear Attracting Trouble,

I’m sorry to hear that you keep running into Mr. Wrong. In my opinion, part of it has to do with bad luck, but you cannot discount the importance of taking care of yourself and being the best person you can be.

Think about the kind of life you want to have. What is standing in the way of you being able to achieve it? Talk to some friends, do some writing, try meditating, and once you have an idea, make some changes. I have always felt that people will respond to what you put out there. Show the world your strength, your independence, all the beautiful
things you have to offer.

You can’t help the kind of people who are attracted to you, but you can choose not to give them the time of day if they show you that they are not mature enough to be a partner to you.

37 is not too old. Think about it from my perspective, I am ninety six years old – you have nearly sixty years to get to be my age! So, get yourself out there. Tell your friends that you are looking and that could result in some introductions. Open your heart and don’t give up. Maybe you will not find love tomorrow, but there are many tomorrows still to come.

Good luck to you,

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Restaurant Review: Papa Cristo’s

Papa Cristos is a real Los Angeles establishment which has been here since the 1940s. It is a family business, run by a genial gentleman called Cris Chris. This is my go-to place when I want bring a group of good friends or family together for some yummy Greek food.

There are two options for seating. You can sit in the main dining room for the family atmosphere. It is loud and exciting and there are no pretenses. Sometimes they even have a belly dancer, and a handsome young man playing music. If you are looking for a more intimate atmosphere, try their patio, which is behind a flower-covered gate just off Pico. This is where I met my literary agent, to talk about my book proposal.

I’m originally from Egypt, so Middle Eastern food has a special place in my heart. This kind of food is light and very healthy, and I am always in the mood for more.

My absolute favorite thing to do is to have a little of this and a little of that, and mix it all together on my plate. It can get kind of messy, but it makes me happy and goes along with the feeling that you are at home when you are at Papa Cristos. Their hummus is especially seasoned, very garlicy and lemony, exactly the way it is supposed to taste. The tabouli salad is divine. If you like spinach and cheese, you like Greek food. And you wouldn’t know it, but this is actually one of the best places in Los Angeles to get bread. Their ciabatta loaf is light and airy and perfect for mopping up all the good things on your plate. And their lentil soup cannot be beat.

For desert, you must save room for the date cookies and lokum (Turkish delight). My favorite flavor is rose water, but there are many others that you can mix and match and take home by the pound. If you are especially charming, you might be able to convince the man behind the counter to only put the rose water flavor in your “mixed” selection.

In addition to the restaurant, Papa Cristos has a deli section and they cater events. In fact, they catered my granddaughter’s wedding back in 2006. The food was delicious and perfect for the occasion and Cris gave them a very good price.

This place is the real deal. Come often and bring an appetite!

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