Introducing Cutie…

Fall in Love For Life: Inspiration from a 73-Year Marriage (Chronicle Books) is the memoir of Barbara “Cutie” Cooper, a 90-something blogger with a very special story to share. Co-written with her granddaughters Kim and Chinta Cooper, the book is a featured selection in Anthropologie stores, and has received some very nice reviews.

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Have a problem and need some advice? You can Ask Grandma Anything, and if she can help, she will!
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How do you know?

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Happy Valentines Day!

If you are dating, of course you would like some help on recognizing if a new flame is “The One.” My new friends at the dating website “how about we…” think that my advice is just what the doctor ordered. Do you agree?
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Ask Grandma Anything: Going Gray

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Dear Cutie,

I noticed in the photos throughout your terrific book that you’ve gone through stages of going Blonde then back to Brunette… then Blonde again! What made you decide to go Blonde? Did you have “more fun”? What did your family say?

Also, when did you decide to Gray gracefully? I’m at that point in my life (43 years old) that I need to plan on making the leap soon.

You also look great as a Silver fox, by the way!

Still Blonde

Dear Still Blonde,

Thank you for noticing my various incarnations. Hair is such a funny thing. It is deeply personal because it has so much to do with your identity, with how others perceive you, and with your self-confidence. I know for sure that if I’m having a bad hair day, I’m pretty much just having a bad day.

Harry never had these problems. When I met him, he had a full head of thick, dark hair. Eventually all that beautiful hair gave way to a beautiful bald scalp, but he was the kind of man who could make that look handsome.

I went back and forth from being blonde to being brunette throughout my life. I’m a pretty conservative person. If I went blonde, it would not be the platinum type, but more of a strawberry rinse. Also, my style was a function of the times. In the fifties, I went blonde and flipped it out like the rest of the girls, then piled it up high. In all honestly, my hair had a lot to do with what my girlfriends were doing.

My family and friends were generally supportive of my different looks. I can’t really identify when I “decided” to go gray. It didn’t really feel like a decision as much as an eventuality. I dyed my hair various colors until it didn’t make sense to do that anymore. To my surprise, Harry came to adore my short, white hair. His eyesight was fading, but he lit up whenever he recognized my signature older lady hairdo. I think as a younger person, I would not have wanted him to see me with roots showing, but when the time was right, he loved it and so did I.

As for you, I would recommend taking a similar approach of making the changes that feel right to you. If you think it’s time to go gray, then talk to your stylist and make the leap. I am sure that you will be very stylish, and enjoy the new you!

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