Ask Grandma Anything: Dealing with Mixed Messages

Dear Cutie,

I’ve loved this guy for about six months now, and then a few months ago I told him. It was actually great, it wasn’t awkward, it was fun and we had our inside joke. And then about two months ago, I got someone else to ask him out for me and he never replied. Then a few weeks later, we were at a party and he said “Serena, why don’t you just ask me out in person, here, now?” And so I did, but then a few days later he said “Serena, I just wanna be friends, okay?” But then, a few days later, he said on Skype to a girl, “I’m Serena’s, okay?” Which surely would mean he liked me?! Please help: does he like me or not? And either way, what do I do?

Dear Serena,

Mixed messages are a waste of time. I know that he is probably cute, and there is something exciting about trying to win him over, but no one should have that much power over you. It sounds like he feels something towards you, but cannot stop playing games. Maybe he likes the attention, but that is not enough. And again, mixed messages.

If you want my advice, I say think about something new. A new guy, a new hobby, the news, the Olympics, anything. It will be hard, but time will give you distance from the situation and you can see that you deserve to be with someone who appreciates you, wants to be with you, and can show you that every single day.

Keep on keeping on!

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Restaurant Review: Nate ‘n Al Delicatessen & Restaurant

Nate n’ Al is a great little deli in the middle of Beverly Hills. You could go to Rodeo Drive to buy a designer purse or some $200 yoga pants, and completely miss it if you didn’t know any better. Well, now you know better, so there’s no excuse.

Nate n’ Al’s hearkens back to the old Beverly Hills that I used to know. I came here years and years ago. This was “our spot” every Tuesday before our weekly card game and we loved it. It was also where you went to breakfast or lunch when you had the time.

I came back the other day, after a forty years, and it seems like nothing has changed! The Mazoh Ball Soup is still the same. The Matzoh Brie is still the same (that’s fried matzoh to the uninitiated, and I recommend you try it). Even the pickles are still the same.

This is a place where you go to see and be seen. It’s the kind of place where the diamonds mix it up with the clay. Business people come on their lunch breaks. Other kinds of people bring their grandparents. I don’t think you can bring your little dogs, which is probably why we haven’t see the Paris Hiltons of the world in there. But that’s
probably for the best.

If you want my advice, bring the whole family. They have all the comforts of Jewish food and reasonable choices if you want to keep your LA figure, too. What’s not to love?
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