Ask Grandma Anything: Do Gay People Go To Heaven?

Dear Cutie,

What do you think about gays and eternity? This is something I’ve struggled with for a long time, being a gay man. I am fairly confident that God will always love me no matter what, but I’m curious for what you have to say. I love seeing your feedback to the questions people post, and I value your opinion.


Dear Wondering,

I think sex has nothing to do with eternity. It has to do with your relationships with other human beings. Of course God will always love you! There is nothing to for God to forgive, because there is nothing wrong with being gay.

It makes me sad that there is hatred in the world, but please try not to let it get you down. Know that you are a good person in your heart and that you will be okay, today and forever.

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Restaurant Review: Urth Cafe

Urth Cafe is a very nice place to drop in on. It is the kind of place where you will say the guy next door is your best friend (that means it is very friendly). I usually visit when I am in the middle of errands. It is a nice place for a pick-me-up meal.

My favorite item on the menu is their vegetarian chili. I never would have guessed it, but chili has become very important in my life, probably because it combines two of my favorite toppings: cheese and onions. And if you are feeling wild, you can add pepper. Cut in some bell peppers too, and cucumbers. It’s meaty, but it’s salad-y, and I love it!

Urth Cafe is wonderful because they specialize in every part of the meal. If you want a smoothie, they will make you a smoothie. If your grandchild wants gourmet coffee, they can do that too. I took a sip of her latte and it was much too strong for me. She tried to warn me, but I still hated it. If that’s what she wants, thats what she gets. As for me, I stick to the everyday fresh-squeezed OJ. You can’t go wrong.

Urth is also wonderful for their desserts. We shared a flourless chocolate cake and it was very good. It was so rich we couldn’t have more than a few bites. We were happy to take it home and our family said “thank you.”

But the best part of Urth Cafe is the men in uniform. This is a big cop hangout, and actually all kind of paramilitary hangout. And that is good for me because that means a lot of eye candy. There is something about a well-dressed man with a good haircut that makes your chili taste a little better. And of course, they fawn all over an old lady. I don’t think you’ll feel sorry if you go.

Try not to go at a peak hour. The word has gotten out and it is very crowded, but if you go and there is some room for you to breathe, you will enjoy yourself and feel energized to get back to your day of thrift shopping, sightseeing and general good cheer. Tell those handsome officers that Cutie sent you!
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