The OGs’ Message to Mayor Villaraigosa: Save LAPL!

The OGs are L.A.’s oldest bloggers, and now that their eyesight isn’t what it used to be, their daily dose of literature comes when their granddaughter reads from their favorite Mark Twain books. But for most of their lives Barbara and Harry Cooper always had a book (or in Harry’s case, a National Geographic) close at hand.

They passed the love of reading on to their children and grandchildren, so when the Los Angeles Public Library was in trouble, one of those grandchildren created the website to get the word out to the Mayor and City Council how much the community cares about their libraries. Just one click sends an email message to everyone who will decide if LAPL is funded or gutted next year.

In this episode, Barbara and Harry discuss the current city budget crisis and how it effects the library, and Barbara gives Mayor Villaraigosa a piece of her still-nimble-at-93 mind. Listen up, city fathers: this grandma knows a thing or two about good government! So get to work and Save LAPL, and you’ll have two votes in Boyle Heights next election time.

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The OGs in… Welcome Back Home, Angels Flight

On the momentous occasion of the return to service of Angels Flight, the historic and beloved Los Angeles funicular, a message of welcome from a couple of sweethearts just a few years younger than railcars Sinai and Olivet. In this episode, Barbara is saddened to be reminded of the demolition of old Bunker Hill, and Harry steals a kiss.

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