Ask Grandma Anything: How About Bird Watching?

Facebook friend Shannon writes in to ask how Cutie feels about bird watching. Cutie’s got quite a bit to say about it for someone who doesn’t share the hobby, plus insights into how a gal who has some reservations about using animals for food handled running a live chicken shop in 1940s Los Angeles.

If you’ve got a question for Cutie, just send it through the contact link at https://www.the-ogs.local or post it to the OGs’ Facebook fan page, and she might answer your question in a future episode of Ask Grandma Anything.
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Cutie Reviews Thanksgiving Dinner

I want to tell you that I have eaten all over the world, I really have. And I cannot tell you I had a better meal than I had at Chez–that’s spelled C-H-E-Z — Richard. Richard is my grandchild’s husband, and he is a modest cook, but very talented.

We had the BEST yams and the marshmallows that came with the yams were exceptional. I don’t know what he did, he won’t tell me, because that’s a famous family secret.

However, if you wish to be lucky enough to share a meal that Richard has cooked, put your name on the list, and 20 years from now we’ll get around to you!

If you’re lucky enough to eat Chez Richard, one of his specialties is pomegranates, persimmon and kale salad. This is his invention, and it’s going down in the Who’s Who of cuisines of the United States. I loved seeding the pomegranates for the salad. It took me two days! Pomegranate peeling is a specialized field: you need a grandmother over 90 years old to peel the pomegranates. You’ve got to be careful and don’t eat the seeds, because they’re for the salad. We’re very lucky, they were very sweet and I didn’t indulge, much.

The lasagna was so good I have nothing to say about it.

The dessert was phenomenal, an organic apple compote with a graham cracker crust, all from scratch. This also is a family secret, and on top you have whipped cream and zabaglione, which is an Iitalian custard. If you are lucky enough to have that, you’ve made it, you don’t have to go to Italy, you can go to Chez Richard. I predict he will be opening his place in Bel Air in two years–or a mariscos truck in front of the Duomo in Milano.

Finally, to all of you, my thanksgiving wish is that you should only enjoy a meal such as mine with your families, and good health and good cheer. I’ll see you again next meal, not too far away from now!
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Cutie’s New ‘do

cutie with sarah palin hair

Did you know the internet lets you take a picture of yourself and see what you’d look like with different hairstyles? This is much nicer than the old-fashioned way, when your stylist might get a bee in her bonnet and leave you looking like a fool.

I tried a bunch of different looks, but most of them were terrible. This is one of the better hairdos I tried. And I think that I would live with this for a lot longer. It is not too fussy and it’s not too cute. It’s not too long, and I am tired of looking at my face.

I like my look better than Sarah Palin’s. What do you think?

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Cutie’s Custard Tart Taste Test

Cutie’s got a sweet tooth and no shortage of opinions, so what better way to spend her afternoon than conducting a taste test of all three varieties of Chinese custard tarts available at Monterey Park’s venerable Kee Wah Bakery? Tune in to discover the winning tart: Regular, Portuguese Style, or Extra Crispy… and stay tuned to the end credits to hear Cutie’s brand new theme song, written and sung by The Ukulady!

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Cutie salutes Mamika, the French grandma who has gone viral with her superhero photos

Mamika by Sacha Goldberger

This is Mamika, a lady from France whose grandson talked her into posing for some interesting photographs to cheer her up when she was feeling blue.

I think she is having a great time. Good luck to her. I think she is doing great. She is doing what everybody prays they can do. I envy her. Have a good time, Mamika!
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Cutie Says Vote!

As the polls close across the country, Californians like Cutie still have a little time to get out and cast their ballots. Cutie voted, and she hopes everyone reading this did so, too… and if not, she hopes you’re on your way to the polling station. Don’t miss your chance to vote because you’re messing around watching OGs videos!

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Happy Halloween from Cutie

For her first blog entry since losing her beloved Harry, Cutie dresses up in her Halloween costume and serenades her fans with a rendition of the Hollywood High School fight song and a favorite Yiddish ditty. It’s pretty silly stuff, but the underlying message is serious: this is one tough little gal who is keeping her spirits up–because that’s what Harry would have wanted her to do. From our family to yours, with love: Happy Halloween!

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