See Your Dentist!

It can be scary going to see the dentist, even for a routine check up, but with grandma along for the ride, grandchild Chinta discovers it can be an adventure and bonding experience.

Along the way, Cutie offers some oral health wisdom obtained over nine decades, and records a couple of Public Service Announcements. Grandpa Harry proves to be less encouraging, though his obsessive tooth brushing is a habit to be emulated — at 98 years old, he still has most of his own teeth.

So join us as we head out to the dentist’s office, with our favorite sassy sidekick, Cutie!

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Cutie’s New ‘Do

When the grandchildren take Barbara out to get a new hairdo, Harry is left to his own devices at the retirement home. Newly blonde, Barbara returns to Hollenbeck to find her husband and show off her new look–but that proves to be easier said than done. Come along with Cutie on her comic search for her husband of 73 years, and enjoy a very sweet reunion when they finally catch up with each other. But do blondes REALLY have more fun? Tune in to future episodes to find out!

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