Cutie’s Book Nook: The Notebook

In a new feature on The OGs’ blog, Cutie tells her digital friends how much she’s been enjoying Nicholas Sparks’ “The Notebook” — which her grandchildren have been reading to her. She also takes time out to reflect on the one book that made her cry as a little girl, and to fuss over the family’s new kitten.

Kitten and Cutie: can so much adorableness be on the same screen without causing mass havoc? Tune in and see for yourself. Coming soon: more kitten!

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A family joke about how, with all the attention they’ve been getting, someone might just ask The OGs to appear in an advertisement, led to Cutie spontaneously offering up a testimonial for the sweet Jewish wine that’s been a part of her life since she was a young girl.

Manischewitz is one of the oldest Jewish brands in America, founded in 1888. In Cutie’s non-drinking household, one bottle of their kosher wine can easily last several years–but she really does love it, as you’ll see when you click below.

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Cutie Meets Her Councilman

When she’s not reviewing films and restaurants, smooching her husband of seven decades or spoiling her grandchildren, Cutie moonlights as a library advocate. And these days, L.A.’s libraries need all the friends they can get, since the Mayor’s 2010 budget left the LAPL system so poorly funded, hundreds were fired and Sunday and Monday branch hours eliminated.

But one Councilman who voted against these devastating cuts was CD14 representative José Huizar, who happens to represent Cutie’s neighborhood of Boyle Heights.

On August 5, 2010, the famous blogging grandma and her Councilman sat down with David Kipen — former head of literature at the National Endowment for the Arts and proprietor of Boyle Heights’ newest independent lending library and bookshop, Libros Schmibros — to talk about their shared passion for books, the importance of libraries for raising healthy kids, and what folks can do to help keep their local libraries alive.

Cutie says: “You can tell Mayor Villaraigosa and your local Councilmember that you support LAPL when you visit!”

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Cutie’s Cinema Corner: Inception

Taking advantage of their Arclight ticket vouchers from the recent, disappointing viewing of the Joan Rivers documentary “A Piece of Work,” Cutie and granddaughter Chinta return to Hollywood to take in the latest convoluted action spectacular, the Christopher Nolan-helmed hit “Inception.” Tune in to find out what one 93-year-old lady thought of the film, with an intriguing interlude on the happy dreams that make Cutie’s nights a pleasure.

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