Good Eats with the OGs

After nine decades of life, you know what you like. If you’re the OGs, this includes some of America’s most beloved corporate dining emporiums. When you find yourself at Mimi’s or Applebee’s next time, you can confidently order something with the OGs’ seal of approval… but only after you watch today’s episode, which is subtitled “A riblet is a WHAT?!”.

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Mind Reading is for Lovers

When the OGs go downtown for a Purim party (note to our gentile viewers: this is like Jewish Halloween, but with better goodies), they run into magician Erik Tait, who believes that after 73 years of marriage, this lovable pair must have learned to read each others’ minds. But is the trick on Erik? Tune in to the latest episode for wild wigs, mysterious messages and blessings upon a fellow in a zoot suit.

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When PopPop Bought Grandma

Back in the 20th Century, a young man who wished to marry was required to ask his bride’s father for her hand, and run a gauntlet of questions meant to prove if he was worthy. Could you pass a test like that? Tune in to today’s episode for the inside story on how PopPop bought Grandma, plus some insight into their marital TV viewing habits, which date back to the dawn of the television era and are QUITE ingrained.

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