Harry Cooper’s obituary

Our humble Pop Pop, who sold shoes for a living, puttered in his garage, and had a smile and a kind word for everyone he encountered, would have been flabbergasted to get such a long and eloquent obituary in his hometown paper. But reporter Kate Linthicum recognized what the people who loved him already knew: Harry Cooper was a true American hero, and a model husband, father, grandfather and friend. We can all learn something from his example.

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Harry Cooper 1912-2010

Dear friends,

This is Kim, Barbara and Harry’s eldest grandchild, with some sad news to share.

Our beloved Harry Cooper died peacefully just after midnight on October 22, 2010, aged 98. He is survived by his wife of 73 years, Barbara, and by his grandchildren Harrison, Robin, Dylan, Morgan, Chinta, Spring and Kim.

He had been slowing down in recent months and sleeping a great deal, but even at the end he was still our sweet Harry. His last words were to tell a young woman who was looking after him on the night shift that she was a good nurse. When she checked on him a few minutes later, he had stopped breathing.

My grandma Barbara is a very strong woman, and although she misses her sweetheart very much, she is bearing up well and is coming to peace with her great loss.

The OGs’ website has always been a place for Cutie’s and Pop Pop’s individual insights, as well as for the magical chemistry that they had together. It won’t be the same without Pop Pop, but this is still their home on the web, and a place where Cutie can continue to shine. She is planning to stay busy, and hopes you’ll stay tuned to her ongoing adventures, wherever they may take her.

We’d like to share with you a passage from Harry’s funeral service, from Chapter 2 of the Bhagavad-gita, a philosophical book which he enjoyed discussing during the last year of his life. We hope that this will bring each of you some peace in the losses that all living things must endure, as it has brought peace to our family in our time of loss. We still feel Harry’s kind spirit all around us, and thank you for making a place for him in your life, and for caring about him.

CHAPTER II – BHAGAVAD-GITA (translated by W.Q. Judge)

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Cutie vs Mickey Cohen

In this special, on-the-road edition of Ask Cutie Anything, our sassy grandma takes a Los Angeles mafia history bus tour hosted by John Buntin, author of “L.A. Noir.” Midway through the tour, the bus stops outside the synagogue where mobster Mickey Cohen was thrown out of Hebrew school as a wee, rotten tyke.

Seeking additional insight into his protagonist and the family ties that bind, host John asks Cutie to take the mic and offer her thoughts on how Mickey’s frazzled mother Fanny might have made her boy behave. We won’t give Cutie’s amazing advice away in the video description, but will simply say if Mickey’s mother had been as sharp as Cutie, the world might have had one less Jewish mobster.

For more on John Buntin’s book, see https://www.johnbuntin.com/

And to take the occasional Esotouric bus adventure based on it, click:
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Cutie’s Advanced Style Video

At the request of Advanced Style, the fashion blog that celebrates the timeless looks of the often invisible elders in our communities, Cutie answers some questions about her personal style philosophy, and why she no longer wears sexy Spring-O-Later shoes. Fashion is forever, and Cutie wants you to know that you’re never so old that it’s okay to be a frump!

Check out Advanced Style at

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Happy 73rd Anniversary

When the OGs celebrated their 73rd wedding anniversary on September 18, 2010, their grandkids surprised them with a bundle of beautiful cards and emails from their internet friends.

Startled but delighted, Cutie and a more-alert-than-he-looks Pop Pop took it all in, then exchanged gifts and messages of love to each another and to all of you, too.

Because after 73 years of love, an anniversary isn’t just about the married couple anymore, but about the power of true love to outlast everything else. So Happy OGs’ Anniversary to you! Now go out and tell somebody you love them.

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Breaking News! Miss Carrot & The Peas interview Cutie Cooper, 93 yrs old!

Cutie’s friend Thessaly Lerner, aka The Ukulady, wrote the OGs’ ultra-catchy theme song. She’s also a puppeteer and kids’ entertainer, and the creator of Miss Carrot & The Peas, investigative journalists. They recently caught up with Cutie to get her secrets for staying cute and dealing with fame, and caught The Cutester in an especially sassy mood. Click below to get in on the fun.

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