Storm Watch 2010

It’s raining, it’s pouring in Southern California today, and Cutie has battened down her hatches, filled up on steamy soup, and tugged on her warmest socks. But for her friends and fans who don’t have the option of staying inside where it’s warm and dry, she has a few wise thoughts on surviving the wet season.

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Broguiere’s Chocolate Milk

Scrumptious, creamy, incredibly delicious! That’s what fans say about Broguiere’s glass-bottle chocolate milk, a Southern California favorite for almost a century. Since the beverage-resistant Cutie has been more open-minded than usual about trying new drinks, we picked up a bottle and asked for her review. Can plain old chocolate milk really be that good, or is it all hype? Tune in as Cutie tells it like it is.

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Gatorade Taste Test

All the health experts advise “stay hydrated,” but for Cutie that’s a
challenge, because she really doesn’t like the taste of most liquids.
That all changed when she recently took her noon-time pills and washed
them down with the only available fluid, a sip of Gatorade from a
vending machine. “What is this wonderful beverage?” demanded Cutie.
And so a new love affair was born, and you’ll see just how passionate
she is in this taste test video.

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An Old California Christmas

Cutie celebrates the season with a trip back in time, courtesy of the kind and talented volunteers at the Rancho Los Cerritos adobe in Long Beach. On her candle-lit tour, Cutie met many interesting Rancheros from 1850s California, viewed their Christmas pageant, heard them gossip about business and the recent war, then feasted on cinnamon-dusted buneolos, a traditional holiday confection. Let’s drop in and see what she thought of the tour.

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Ask Grandma Anything: Should We Be Worried About Arsenic-Based Life Forms?

Cutie’s taken a few more spins around the sun than most of her fans, and the announcement that an arsenic-based life form has been discovered in Mono Lake doesn’t phase her one bit. She’s got some thoughts about how to look at this potentially world-changing bit of information, and a very stern message for any arsenic-based troublemakers tuned in to her Youtube channel.

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