ShalomLife loves the OGs

The OGs have given a rare written interview to the website ShalomLife. Check out their insights on LA then-and-now, the secrets of a happy marriage, family and fun, and learn why interviewer Christal Gardiola says “But don’t let their almost-triple-digit ages fool you. Barbara and Harry are about as hip as any Tweeting-Facebook-using-20-somethings.”

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PopPop’s 98th Birthday

The OGs are L.A.’s oldest bloggers, and they just got a little older as PopPop turned a spry 98-years-young with a swinging, music-filled party at his favorite Boyle Heights restaurant, La Parrilla.

When Harry Cooper was born in Philadelphia on April 5, 1912, it was a different world. Arizona and New Mexico had just been admitted to the union, the Girl Scouts of America were newly formed, the first parachutist had recently jumped out of an airplane, the gardeners of Washington DC were tending a gift of 3000 young cherry trees from Japan, supplies were being laid in for the maiden voyage of the Titanic…. and Boyle Heights was a Jewish neighborhood!

Who could have predicted that the wee baby of 1912 would be a star on the internet in the 21st Century?

Here’s to Harry Cooper, and his loving wife Barbara who keeps him young and happy, on the occasion of his 98th birthday (give or take a few hours)!

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