Grandkids to The Rescue

We weren’t always the blithely blogging seniors you see today. A few years ago, we were in a tough spot and weren’t sure where to go next. Read all about our family’s journey from confusion to clarity in Steve Slon’s “The Connected Caregiver” blog.

A version of this blog entry also appeared in a Louisiana newspaper
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Welcome, new friends from Japan!

We are excited to have been featured on “Tokudane Toukou Doga” on NHK public TV in Japan last night! Click the link below to see a cute turtle in trouble, and our section starts after 55 seconds.

Here is a brief translation of the portions of the piece that are in Japanese:

Grand parents who take good care for all people are topic on internet world.

America, Los Angeles. This day is the birthday of Harry Cooper, 98. The lady who is next to him is Barbara Cooper, 93.

Why is Barbara topic on? Because she takes good care of lots of people as a adviser. The questions are asked by grand children. Lately, the question from a lady who started to live with a boyfriend.

Q:1 (Barbara Answer). Q:2 (Barbara Answer)

Why have so many questions started to come? Because they are still in a good relationship with each other and introduced with good videos, even though over 90 years old.

Harry and Barbara are very proud to grand children Kim and Chinta who are posting videos.

Q:3 (Barbara Answer)

Many people are waiting for Barbara’s good advice and they make people’s hearts warm all over the world.


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Cutie Visits Libros Schmibros

Cutie heads out into the neighborhood to visit Libros Schmibros, a new lending library and used bookshop opened by David Kipen, the former director of literature for the NEA. David’s new to the world of retail, but luckily his friend Cutie has a lot of advice gleaned from her many years in the shoe business, and she’s happy to share.

Let’s tag along to learn a bit about this interesting community project, and Cutie’s thoughts for how David can make a go of it.

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September 18 is The OGs’ 73rd Anniversary – Your Cards & Letters Wanted

On Saturday, September 18, our beloved grandparents Cutie and Pop Pop will celebrate 73 years of marriage.

While they’re not able to visit with all of their sweet fans and friends on this special day, they would very much welcome your cards and letters.

If you’d like to send an anniversary message to Cutie and Pop Pop, please mail it to the address below. Everything that arrives will be shared with The OGs on their anniversary.

The OGs
c/o Kim Cooper
PO Box 31227
Los Angeles, CA 90031

In lieu of gifts, please consider making a donation to the City of Hope, where Cutie volunteered for many years. Info is at the link below.

Thanks for sharing the OGs’ anniversary with our family, and for being part of our lives!

-Kim & Chinta, the OGs’ granddaughters
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Cutie meets a cutie, or the new kitten

Cutie’s never been much of a cat person, but when her granddaughters bring their new kitten for a visit, her heart melts. Tune in as Cutie goes “fishing” for kitty, tucks the critter into her top, remembers her Yiddish-speaking pussycat of many years ago, and sings a couple of adorable songs to her little furry friend. It’s a cute explosion, and YOU’RE invited!

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