Funny Ladies and Peasants

In this slice-of-life visit with Cutie she chats about her favorite comediennes, including Lucille Ball and Mrs. Molly Goldberg of old-time-radio and early television fame. But the neighborly habit on Mrs. Goldberg’s show of leaning out the tenement window to yell out greetings gets failing marks from Cutie, whose innate good manners as a girl ensured she would simply wave to passing friends, but never holler. Cutie shares some insights into what it means to be born a lady, but suggests that even if you’re born a peasant, you can learn to have a lady’s manners… before being distracted when her “lover” Pop Pop comes into view.

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Cutie’s Tips for Surviving the Hard Times

When Cutie was a girl, her family pulled together to make it through the Great Depression, and while they weren’t well off, they had each other and the essentials, and that was enough for them.

Now, as the world goes through another tough time, Cutie shares her advice on how you can keep it together when cash and opportunities are tight, and why it’s not the end of the world if it’s “not all Skittles and fish.”

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Cooking With Cutie: Baking Beefcake

Cutie gets a surprise package of novelty cake pans from her fans at Pipedream Products, and takes the opportunity to teach granddaughter Chinta the finer points of baking a cake from not-quite-scratch, including advice on shopping techniques and if it’s okay to eat raw cake batter. Prepared with the help of an agreeable pussycat, the results are a hit with the family–especially after the already sexy cake gets a makeover to look more like Cutie’s beloved Pop Pop.

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