Opinions? We Got Em!

If you need your OGs fix and there’s not a new video on this blog, why not stop by at Grandma’s Yelp page, where she’s busily reviewing all her favorite places: Costco, McDonald’s, Bottega Louie and more! Yelp is a fun place to hang out and flap your gums, so drop by and let the world know how many stars you’d give almost anything at all. You can become Grandma’s friend on Yelp, keep up on her reviews and send her compliments, which only encourages her to write more hilarious things like this:

“To be seen by people at Costco is a very good thing. And you meet people–from coveralls to minks.” (Costco)

See you there!
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We love the subs!

The OGs think the internet is incredible.&magic (at least according to their Twitter feed)–and even more so when their grandkids help them to immerse themselves in the wonders of Youtube, and old Quiznos Subs ads featuring the hideously adorable Spongmonkeys. Tune in for the OGs’ video tribute to these dear little rodents, and the yummy, toasty subs they promote. Hey Quiznos: grandma wears a size 5 1/2 shoe, if you want to send her some of her favorite Keds mules as a thank you!

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Old Jews Listening To Jokes

The OGs love clowning around, but let’s be honest: sometimes it’s hard to remember how a joke goes. So rather than pestering them to tell us their favorite jokes, in this edition of The OGs blog we’re bringing the jokes to them. Watch their faces as they register these vintage Henny Youngman gags that they first enjoyed in the Eisenhower era. Finally, we understand why PopPop insists on holding Barbara’s hand whenever they leave the house!

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Fabulous photos from the OGs’ shared past

The OGs are wed in Los Angeles.

wedding photo

They love to frolic in the sand.

Young coopers on the beach

And to cuddle for photos.

Lovebirds in the 1950s

Here they are while their home at 2400 Beverly Drive is being built (it’s still there, sometimes we park in front while they muse on past pleasues).

Barbara vamps while building their Beverly Drive house circa 1951

The builder was their brother-in-law Leo Steinberg, who married PopPop’s super sassy baby sister Lil (stay tuned for more about Lil, who is shown here in a vintage hand-colored portrait–Barbara remembers attending the session).

Lil Cooper (Harry's kid sister) in a hand colored portrait

The OGs’ westside pals know how to throw a party!
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Grandparents: Take a cool bus tour with the OGs for $5 in April

Each Saturday afternoon through April, grandparents can join the OGs and their granddaughters for an Esotouric bus adventure through the forgotten history of Los Angeles, and pay just $5 for their seat when accompanied by a ticketed grandchild (teens and up). This is part of the PopPop’s Pals Promotion, honoring Harry’s 97th birthday this month. Choose from such provocative tours as The Real Black Dahlia, Raymond Chandler’s Bay City and Raymond Chandler’s Los Angeles, and the Wild Wild West Side true crime tour. Come on out and make a cross-generational day of it. Visit Esotouric for more info on all these tours. Tell ’em The OGs sent you!
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