Away We Grow

Picture 1
I’m so proud of my granddaughters, Kim and Chinta, who gave a fantastic interview to Yahoo’s charming parenting web series, Away We Grow. My grandchildren have always been our biggest fans and they seem pretty happy to share my love story with the rest of the world. Please consider watching the video and let me know what you think!
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Picture 4
We did not take a lot of photographs in my family, so it is always special to find a picture from when I was a little girl. Here I am looking up to my very glamorous uncle’s wife, Fanny. She is so captivating that I have forgotten all about the camera. I believe they call what she is doing “vamping,” and she certainly vamped me!
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Kelley Starts Over

I would like to share with you a story from a young lady named Kelley, who works for the company which published my book. Kelley read “Fall in Love For Life” during a time when her relationship with her boyfriend was going through a rough patch, and decided to let the guy go and move on alone. Please join me in wishing Kelley all the best. I know that she will find someone with a lot more on the ball!
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