Oh Harry, Oh Harry – How you can love.

Oh Harry, Oh Harry. How you can Love.

Oh Harry, Oh Harry, How you can Love. Oh Harry, Oh Harry heaven above. My mother wants to know just when you and I can get together and so so. So Harry, So Harry, How about it? That’s what it’s all about. We can Something or other and something or other. Oh Harry, Oh Harry. How I love you so.

I used to sing that song when I was very, very young. I think originally it was an American song. It was Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, How you can Love. The Whole world seems to shine.I don’t remember how to make it rhyme. Oh Johnny, I love you so…

I just sang this song to Harry when I looked at this picture of us at our old house. Just to show you I’m holding on to the right guy.
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An open message from Barbara to all her old friends:

Cutie in polka dots

It’s been exciting to hear from the past. So many years have passed. Harry and I are doing well. We talk about the past, that’s all. We can’t even follow through with phone calls but we are so delighted to hear from whoever has the time to give the old folks a call.

I think of you often, especially when we run across old photos of the past. All the things of the Torch years and the City of Hope and how much we had together. Those days are in our memories solid forever. I hope your families are well. My children are gone but I have seven wonderful wonderful grandchildren and they have tried to make up for those that are gone. However we are happy with what we have. Harry and I are well and we wish you all a very good year.

And thank you for keeping us in your memory and it’s nice hearing from you. Good year and a happy happy life.

Love happy Barbara and Harry Cooper
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The OGs do Twohey’s (and Cutie makes the Angry Grandma Face)

The OGs recently discovered a Southern California culinary landmark, Alhambra’s beloved Twoheys, home of the Little Stinko burger.

Let’s drop in on them at the end of their first visit, as an ice cream concoction called a Red Car arrives at the table. What will Cutie, who doesn’t usually like chocolate ice cream and always watches her waistline, think of this cornucopia of sweetness that’s bigger than her head? Will PopPop share? Can you stand the suspense?

This episode features a special bonus, as Cutie makes the Angry Grandma face after the grandchildren beg and plead. (Don’t worry, she isn’t really angry.)

For more of Cutie’s no-holds-barred restaurant reviews, follow her on Yelp: http://barbaracooper.yelp.com/
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