Restaurant Review: Harry’s Healthy Mediterranean Cuisine (Monrovia)

We celebrated Mothers Day by touring the historic houses in Monrovia. Monrovia is a very pretty part of the world. It was developed at the turn of the 20th century and so you have the old Victorians–or some the homes have been updated to look Colonial Revival (which is also old fashioned, but probably seemed up-do-date once upon a time). Every Mothers Day you can tour these houses and imagine how people used to live, which is easy because all the men take their souped-up 1920s roadsters out of the garage and drive them up and down the boulevard as if that were perfectly normal.

And when you are ready for lunch, you should go down the road to Dogwoods Market. This is an upscale Middle Eastern specialty market. They have all the wonderful spices, vegetables and fruits, and it smells wonderful. But even better than the groceries is Harry’s Deli, at the back of the market. They serve wonderful Middle Eastern foods, and it is very exclusive: only one table!

I liked it right away because it’s called Harry’s, the name of my sweet husband. If I opened a restaurant, I’d call it Harry’s, too.

It is important to let your children order because they know just what will make you happy. And it turns out they didn’t even choose, they left it up to the very sweet woman who was working at the counter. She wasn’t even supposed to be there because Sunday is her day off, but she saw me and she liked me. I think it was because I told her I was from Egypt that she made us a special Mothers Day lunch.

She brought out tabouli, hummus, babaganoush, Turkish pizza, falafel, stuffed grape leaves, and for me especially one of my childhood favorite dishes, Foul madamas.

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Restaurant Review: Cafe Metropol, Downtown L.A. (update)

I recently went back to Cafe Metropol and tried some new things. You don’t mind if I update my review, do you?

This is in the industrial part of town, near the Santa Fe Train Station (which is now an architecture school). This looks very much like a bar, but it isn’t. It is very nice inside. I’m surprised that there weren’t more people on a Monday night because the food is very good. (I ought to know because I usually don’t like food.) My granddaughter explained to me that most of the people come during the daytime on break from their jobs downtown. So if you’re looking for a discrete place to meet someone special, try Cafe Metropol on a weeknight.

And when you come, you should have the special soup. It is a Beef Vegetable Soup, and it is the best homemade soup you have ever had. I was extra nice, so they brought me some extra broth. But if you come here, don’t eat anything else because they have very good desserts.

Tonight I had Flourless Chocolate Cake. This is like a sundae. It has ice cream with a lot of goop on it. It is very rich and very good. I was surprised to hear that there is cake in it. It is too good to be real. How does it taste? It tastes like it shouldn’t taste like that. And it tastes like a candy bar. I think that it is better than a sundae because I ate in on a Tuesday. You need a whole family to eat it–or you can finish it all on your own, if nobody’s looking.

When we asked our server to send our complements to the chef, we discovered that our server made the desert. I think he is so good he should open his own place. I thought we must have gotten his skills from his mother, but when I suggested that, he told me that she is a horrible cook. In fact, we discovered that we both got Boston Market to cater Thanksgiving one year!

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Live advice from Cutie, every Thursday on Facebook

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